Smokers Lines

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My upper lip seems to be shrinking, and I'm getting lines running upwards from the pink part of my lip. It is getting harder to apply my lipstick, and it looks uneven. 

Lip enhancement is one of our most requested services, and the combination of Botox and a filler can restore volume to the aging lip, and smooth out those fine vertical lines on the upper lip, better known as ' smoker's lines'. Most of our clients are not even smokers, but these lines can be particularly troublesome for people who do smoke. The Botox acts to relaxed tone into strong muscle that circles the mouth. Volume is also lost in the lower lip with aging, but the cosmetic effect of this is less noticeable than in the upper lip. The amount of filler placed in the upper lip is a very personal thing, depending on the appearance that is sought. The days of requests for excessively large 'pouting' lips seem to have passed.