Skin Tightening

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I'm noticing lines coming out from the corners of my eyes. They are still there when I stop smiling and relax my face. 

These are called 'crow's feet', and again reflect excess tension in the muscles underneath the skin. Botox is very effective in this area. If there are fixed lines and wrinkles in this area that remain even when your face is relaxed, we may recommend gentle injection of a 'filler' directly under the lines, and/or radio frequency skin rejuvenation to diminish the depth of the lines, and to improve skin tone and glow. This is called  'skin tightening.' It is a new technology that has developed in the last few years, and it involves gentle heating of the deep layers under the surface of the skin so that the skin thickens and tightens. This is the same technology that underlies the " non surgical facelift. "