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Our consultation process involves our best effort to really understand and appreciate your individual cosmetic concerns and issues. We truly want to understand what you are looking for. The consultation process involves careful gathering and analysis of medical information related to your concern, followed by examination of that specific area. We often use additional technologies, to confirm the diagnosis, and to assist us in making the best possible recommendations for you.

"The foundation of the medical assessment
 of any patient is a careful history and physical

Before discussing the cosmetic problems that we are pleased to treat for you, it's important to understand some of the basic principles that underlie our treatment protocols. A number of key concepts in Aesthetic Medicine are outlined below.

" Aesthetic Medicine is Aesthetics PLUS Medicine...
It's more than just going to the spa..."

The aging process simultaneously affects both the skin surface and the deeper structures in the body. For example, in the aging face, there is a loss of volume and 'shrinkage' in the underlying bony structures, such as the cheekbones and jawbone. The result is that the facial bones themselves shrink and get smaller. This is one of the reasons that the aging face starts to take on that 'gaunt' look, with hollows just below the cheekbones. As the facial bones gradually absorb with age, you can understand that the overlying skin becomes droopy and redundant. We call this ' loss of volume. '

Another thing that occurs with aging in the body is a redistribution of the normal fat deposits. To put it simply, fat is lost in areas of the body where it has a role in providing the appearance of youth and fullness, such as in the cheeks, or around the eyes. The loss of fat in these areas leads to the appearance of hollows, and unsightly shadows start to develop in various lighting conditions. On the other side of the coin, fat tends to accumulate in areas that we don't want, such as in the jowls, or under the chin, or on areas of the trunk such as the abdomen, such as the 'love handles'.

Finally, the skin gradually loses its tone and quality as we age. It also gradually loses its elasticity and stretch, so that it becomes like an elastic band that's not elastic anymore. Instead of having a smooth surface, the skin becomes roughened, and it loses its glow. With time, there is an accumulation of small blood vessels and pigment, often in blotchy areas or age spots, frequently as a result of excess sun exposure, or other medical conditions.

In summary you can see how the aging processes described above lead to what we see in the mirror. It's not always a pretty sight! The best treatment plans actively address the different components of the aging process.

Our treatment protocols have been developed to counteract the different components of the aging process. We have found that the best results occur when the different components are treated simultaneously. For example, to treat facial concerns, volume loss in the underlying bony structure of the face can be restored by injecting a natural material over the dissolving bone, while at the same time wrinkles are smoothed with Botox, and the skin is tightened with radiofrequency treatments. The skin surface itself is smoothed and rejuvenated with laser. To say it again, the best results come from simultaneous treatment using multiple modalities.

As we move forward, and begin to discuss treatment protocols with you, we are there to answer any and all of your questions. Most of our treatments involve little pain or discomfort, and some are quite pleasant and calming. Many treatments that require injection have local anesthetic, or “freezing" built into them. If you expect a lot of pain or discomfort, you will probably be disappointed.

We will also discuss time frames with you, and outline when you can expect to see your best results. We will also discuss how long you can expect to see a result. There is always individual variability, but we have a pretty good idea how long your results will last. Some treatments are temporary, and others are permanent, but all are effective.

" Often, our most satisfied clients have had a subtle
improvements and enhancements that family and friends
and loved ones easily recognize, but can't quite
describe. "

Before we try to offer some solutions to your specific cosmetic concerns, it's important to recognize that aesthetic medicine is very modern and scientifically based, and it has something to offer to almost everyone. It's not necessary to feel guilty anymore as you inquire and gain information about what modern medical practice can do for you. It's simply unnecessary to age the way that previous generations have. It's not necessary to feel any guilt whatsoever, as you invest time and energy to educate yourself about what is possible, or if you go so far as to invest your financial resources in treatment. Finally, there is much ongoing research, and there are always new treatments and technologies being developed, and we would love to keep you aware of these. Our newsletter may be of some assistance in this regard.

 " Most patients are excellent candidates
for the treatment that they desire."


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