Botox Injections

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I look too tense, and I'm developing lines between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of my nose. I look like I'm always angry, and I don't look relaxed. It's not really how I feel inside.  

This concern usually indicates excess tension in the tone of the muscles of facial expression, which lies just under the skin. This condition is easily and effectively treated with Botox (R) injection. With increasing age, additional treatment modalities may be helpful, especially if there is a fixed 'line' or 'furrow' in the skin. In the brow area, just above the bridge of the nose, there is usually not any major bone loss, so that bone restoration with a 'filler' is usually not necessary. This is one of the most common concerns in aesthetic medicine. Botox is a temporary treatment, and needs to be injected several times a year to maintain the effect of a natural and relaxed appearance.

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