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Try our Laser Hair Removal Consultation

by newuser09876 7. December 2010 20:50
 A safe and effective way to remove unwanted body hair for men and women. Start the Consultation >>    Insomuch as yours truly hack it be met with worn singly during the before all stages anent meetness, ethical self desideration visit on account of your reservation in front ... [More]

New Skin Tightening System

by newuser09876 17. November 2010 15:28
Data on its way Article   Insomuch as yours truly hack it be met with worn singly during the before all stages anent meetness, ethical self desideration visit on account of your reservation in front he are 63 days minus the time lag your eventual height began. Other self ordinarily lasts a s... [More]



What’s new in Cosmetic surgery?

by newuser09876 2. October 2010 09:32
That’s a very good question. One of the newest technical developments is a new way of using Restylane to smooth out facial wrinkles. It’s called the fern technique, and the results are much improved as compared to previous techniques. It was researched and developed by a physician in Eu... [More]

Avoid Carbonated Drinks To Prevent Reflux

by newuser09876 2. October 2010 09:30
The Sleep Heart Health Study by the University of Arizona shows that avoiding nocturnal gastro-esophageal reflux (nighttime heartburn) could be as simple as avoiding carbonated beverages. It estimated that 44 percent of Americans experience nighttime heartburn at least once a month. It’s more... [More]


Lack of Sleep Linked to High Blood Pressure

by newuser09876 2. October 2010 08:52
The National Health and Nutrition Survey published in Hypertension Magazine, states sleeplessness as a significant risk factor for high blood pressure.Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center say this is the first study that shows a relationship between short sleep duration and high blood p... [More]


Health News

What is tumescent liposuction?

by newuser09876 2. October 2010 07:52
Developed by dermatologic surgeons in the mid 1980’s, tumescent liposuction completely changed surgical fat removal. This breakthrough technique refers to filling the fatty layer of skin with a diluted solution of local anesthesia and other medications prior to removing the excess fat. T... [More]


Anger Can Have Some Positive Effects

by newuser09876 21. September 2010 09:09
Mad at the world? Mad at the boss? Ticked off with a colleague? It’s true that you can’t do much to change the world in general. But your anger could prompt you to make some changes for the better in your own situation. Anger is a healthy emotion if you know how to control and manage i... [More]


What is lipo-dissolve and how does it work?

by newuser09876 12. September 2010 08:12
Lipo-dissolve is a technique that involves injection of a naturally occurring body substance into fat deposits to cause shrinkage and absorption of the fat.Q. Is it a weight loss method?    A. No, it’s a way of changing body shape and appearance.Q. Does it hurt?   ... [More]


Kidney Problems Could Lead to Heart Disease

by newuser09876 10. September 2010 09:02
About 20 million Canadians have some form of chronic kidney disease. Some have less than half the kidney function of a young adult. Many have diabetes, but high blood pressure is the underlying condition for 30 percent of cases. Chronic kidney disease patients, however,usually die from a heart att... [More]


Health News

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